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BESTseries – IncFundPartner

A Three Part Series.

Part 1. Incorporating – WHY! Entrepreneurs & business owners have better tax advantages, funding options, and access to opportunities that effectively managed increases their net worth exponentially.

Part 2. Business Credit & Funding – The government, lenders, and private investors have a surplus of funds available to those who are recognized entities and know how to apply. Learn the proper steps for any industry.

Part 3. Group Economics (Partnerships, Syndications & REITs) – Leveraging your skills and capital with others of like mind and varied backgrounds. How to build the OTHER team to maximize growth within your purpose.

Choose Your BEST Day!

Join kenBIGblake And other experts as they cover a three-part series to thrive in 2021!

Part 1 of a 3 part series.

1. Incorporating – January 5th – 7th, February 2nd – 4th, March 2nd – 4th

2. Business Credit & Funding – January 19th – 21st, 26th – 28th, February 9th -11th, March 16th – 18th

3. Group Economics (Syndications & REIT) February 16th – 18th, 23rd – 25th, March 23rd -25th

Choose Your BEST Day!

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Choose Your BEST Day!

You Need To Have A Business!

Do You Want Access To All The Money Available For Business Owners?  

Steps2Take is part of our BESTseries quick step guides.

We break down the seemingly complex into a cliff notes format so that basic principles are easily understandable.

  We eliminate the fluff and get right to the point.

Most people expect HARD, and that is why EASY escapes them. Complicated may be what they desire…


So, let us get started with incorporating as this is the first step to owning a business to qualify for cash and business credit.

You can check with your tax professional, business coach, mentor or “smart person” to decide what type of corporation you want to start.

You can also visit our FREE resource to find out more info on the types of business entities and all things to enable your SUCCESS!

Steps2take – Incorporation

Step 1 – Think of a name. (JW Clay And Associates Inc) (NewBizTaxPros llc)

It can be the service you provide, name with enterprise, associates etc..

Step 2 – Can you own that name as a dot com for your web presence and marketing? Yes or No? Click To Check Domain Names!

Step 3 – See if your name is available on your secretary of states website.

Click Here For Corporate Name Check!

Step 4 – Download the paperwork needed from your secretary of state.

Step 5 – Complete your paperwork and pay the filing fees. (Simple Process)

You can hire someone for the paperwork. (More $$$)

Step 6 – Get Your Employer Identification Number Online. (EIN)

Click Here For EIN! You can receive this the same day.

Step 7 – When your corporate charter arrives open your bank account.

 Most banks will need the corporate charter and EIN. Click Here For Banks!

Step 7a – Some banks may require a limited liability operating agreement. If you have formed an LLC. Click Here For An Operating Agreement!  ($mall Fee Involved)

Step 8 – Keep all information in a safe place as well as online for easy accessibility.

Need additional assistance? Book an hour for $49.00 or attend a scheduled community meeting at $19.99 for 1.5 hours.